Journey of Premium Rice

There are six major criteria for selecting premium rice: the fragrant of rice, the smooth and chewy texture, the flavourful taste of rice, the cleanliness, the shape of rice grains and the preservation of freshness.
The Golden Resources branded rice differs from generic brands, in that all the products undergo precise and computerized production and processing procedures, to ensure that the products achieve the highest quality in the above six criteria. Our brands have also obtained the Hong Kong Q-Mark quality certification, in line with the standards required by consumers.
Our factory located in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong has also been awarded the internationally recognized ISO9001, HACCP and ISO22000 certifications in relation to safety, monitoring and quality management systems. We have also reached the food safety standards stipulated in the FSMA regulations of the United States FDA, symbolizing full assurance in product safety.
The following tests are conducted annually by certified third-party testing agencies:
Heavy metal testing
Pesticide residue testing
Aflatoxin testing
Genetically-modified ingredient testing
Nutrition labelling testing


Raw Rice Test

To maintain the quality of rice, the incoming raw rice will be sampled by experienced rice master and go through a series of scientific method before being shipped to the factory.

1. Whiteness
2. Flow density
3. Moisture
4. Crushed rice content
5. Chalk content
6. Damaged and heterochromatic grains
7. Foreign materials
8. Amylose
9. Verification of rice

All tests must be fullfill ISO quality standard.



Golden Resources uses scientific methods to create the rice formulas, base on different types of rice (fragrant rice, white rice, pearl rice, etc.) to produce a variety of different brands. Taste master will evaluate the colour, aroma and taste of the cooked rice to ensure that all brands have a special of colour, aroma and taste.



The different of rice variety is a crucial aspect affecting the aroma of cooked rice. In order to monitor the effectiveness of the rice, Golden Resources rice will be sampled and inspected during the line production.


Water Polishing

The rice grains look more translucent in colour that all the rice grains will undergo a milling process. The process of polishing rice grains can remove insect eggs from the surface of the rice grains and to improve the rice grains look glossy and refined.


Removal of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Impurities

The incoming raw rice may be mixed with metal debris. Golden Resources use magnets and special devices to remove ferrous and non-ferrous impurities materials (such as nails or screws) to ensure food safety.



Sand and stones may also be mixed with the raw rice. To ensure high edible quality, all rice will go through a process to the use of the weight difference between rice grains and sand to separate the two. The source grains will be placed on a specially-designed ramp with back-and-forth vibrations. Due to the difference in weight, the heavier sand and stones will fall into the collection container at the rear, while the rice grains can slip through the front. Lighter foreign particles will be removed by the built-in advanced ventilation equipment and collected in the dust collection chamber, which is cleaned periodically.



Rice grains with uniform shape and size can give the cooked rice better texture. As such, Golden Resources has put in place a special procedure to remove broken rice and impurities through the use of heavy machines which utilizes the size differences of broken rice and impurities and uses a multi-layer filtration net to separate them out, ensuring that each grain of rice has a similar size and shape.


Colour Sorting

Sometimes, pre-packaged rice sold on the market displays a greenish colour, which is actually caused by pest infection. A yellowish colour to the rice grains also indicates quality issues. Golden Resources employs advanced computerized colour-selection probes to monitor the colour of the rice grains, and even the tiniest black spots will not be tolerated, so that every single grain of rice leaving the factory will be white and healthy. At the same time, our factory is equipped with advanced NIR (Near-Infrared) detection functions, which can remove impurities such as plastic particles and glass mixed in the rice.



This makes use of the gravity of rice grains and other foreign particles, such as hairs, rice bran, etc., such that impurities can be extracted by the built-in advanced suction device and collected in the dust collection chamber. The rice grains will slide down and enter the next production step.


Metal Detector

In order to ensure food safety, the finished products will go through a controlled and precise metal detection before proceeding to the final packaging process.


Advanced Packaging Equipment, Vacuum Treatment

To safeguard the freshness and hygiene of the products, all the processed Golden Resources branded rice will be placed in vacuum packaging and then sealed. In addition, the best before date will be printed on every pack of rice to give customers greater confidence in Golden Resources products.


Storage in Air-Conditioned Warehouses

All incoming source rice and the finished Golden Resources branded products are stored in warehouses with a constantly-regulated temperature control of 18 degrees Celsius to ensure hygiene. To preserve quality and freshness, rice is generally only stored in the warehouse for 1 to 2 days before being shipped to various locations for sale.


Examination of Finished Products

To ensure that all Golden Resources products meet our consumers' requirements for high-quality premium rice, Golden Resources will conduct quality inspections during the packaging process of the finished products.


Finished Products

Each bite of rice and congee is not easy to come by... But when you think of an exceptional plate of rice and a delectable bowl of congee, you must go for Golden Resources!

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