Golden Resources Development International -
Establishment and Development

Founded in 1946, Golden Resources Development International Limited ("the Group", HKEX stock code : 677) successfully obtained its rice importing license in Hong Kong as early as 1955. The wholesaling license the Group acquired later opened the door for a new and comprehensive range of business activities including rice import, wholesale, warehousing and distribution. The Group was publicly listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1991, and has grown into Hong Kong's leading rice wholesaler and distributor, offering full service from rice sourcing, processing and formulating to packaging, marketing and distribution. For years, the Group has maintained its leading position in the retail market, with a wide array of popular, high quality brands.

Through the continued advancement of its rice processing and packaging technologies, Golden Resources strives to offer excellent products and uncompromising service. As a pioneer in the local rice industry, Golden Resources was first to introduce small consumer-packs and vacuum treatment in Hong Kong. The development of the Golden Resources Centre in Tsing Yi - the only complete premium rice processing plant in Hong Kong, marked a huge achievement for the Group. The plant's six automatic production lines boast state of the art processing and the most modern packaging facilities. The plant is capable of producing over 50% of Hong Kong's total rice consumption. Golden Resources passed the requirements for certification of the ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 Qualification since 2003, symbolizing international recognition of the Group's stringent production procedures and exceptional product quality.

Among others, Golden Resources owns the Golden Elephant Brand - the number one seller in Hong Kong. The quality assurance and brand success of Golden Elephant are further witnessed through numerous awards won recent years, including Hong Kong Top Mark, Q-Mark Award, Superbrands Award, Reader's Digest "Trusted Brand" Platinum Award, Wellcome's Top 10 Favourite Brand etc.

The group's commitment to serve the community is also reflected and acknowledged by being awarded "Caring Company" Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Golden Elephant Rice Introduces Hong Kong's First Environmental Friendly Rice Bag

In addition to our commitment to product excellence, Golden Resources is also concerned about environmental issues. Golden Elephant Rice has recently launched Hong Kong's first environmental friendly rice bag. This special bag is comprised of substance that compiled with European Union's packaging standard, enabling the plastic package to become degradable after discarding. Thus reducing plastic waste accumulation in the long run.

The Group's Competitive Edge in the Hong Kong Rice Market

The Only Complete Premium Rice Processing Plant in Hong Kong
Golden Resources owns the only complete rice processing plant in Hong Kong. The 240,000 sq. ft. plant is fully-equipped with advanced processing and packaging facilities . Local processing facilities give the Group immediate and complete control over its production, thus ensuring the highest standards of excellence are achieved in terms of freshness, product quality, logistics management and customers' satisfaction.

A Refined and Advanced Processing System
The Group has invested tens of millions of dollars in the most advanced, computerized rice processing and packaging system, to ensure delivery of first class products that meet the discerning tastes of Hong Kong people. The sophisticated processing procedures include:

Initial Quality Inspection and Control : Every batch of raw rice is subjected to a rigorous initial inspection using advanced instruments in our laboratory. Experts then conduct further tests including tasting before the batch is allowed to enter our processing system;

Pestigas Control : The warehouse is equipped with an automatic and environmentally-friendly food grade pest control system;

Aspirator Cleaning ;

Air-Conditioned Storage : The temperature of the warehouse is strictly kept below 18¢XC, as recommended by FAO;

Discolored Rice Rejection : Rice with other colours are to be rejected automatically by a unique computerized system;

Water-polishing : The delicate water mist re-polishing system refines the rugged surface of rice, to mill out any unwanted materials on the grain surface to inhibit the potential growth of weevils;

Elimination of Broken Rice and Impurities : To ensure consistency in size for all rice ;

Product Formulation & Blending : While the quality of rice imported from different countries varies in terms of texture, moisture, fragrance, and firmness, all products are processed and blended according to specific formulations to ensure quality and taste consistency;

Removal of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Impurities ;

De-stoning : Any sand and stones are to be removed by special machinery;

Final Cleaning and Quality Control ;

Packing : Processed rice will be packed in food-graded packing bags;

Vacuum Treatment Packing: The process helps to preserve the freshness and aroma of rice ;

Air-Conditioned Warehousing ;

Final Quality Inspection ;

Systematic Delivery Arrangement .

Distinctive Achievements
Golden Resources is committed to satisfying customers' needs by continuing to upgrade production facilities and product quality. Since 2003, the group achieved ISO9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 status which was the first company in Hong Kong Rice Industry to acquire such international accreditation. Golden Resources is also proud of the brand success of our flagship product - Golden Elephant. It has continued to be the number one seller in Hong Kong for numerous years, the honours bestowed upon the Brand includes: Hong Kong Top Mark award, Q-Mark Award, Reader's Digest "Trusted Brand" Platinum awards, Superbrands Award and "The Healthiest for Eating Award" issued by the Park'n Shop and Wellcome's Top 10 Favourite Brand.

The Group's Strategic Moves to Secure the Rice Market in the PRC
Establishment and Development

Golden Resources had established rice processing plant some years ago at strategic location in China (Shantou), the Group will not require major capital investment to expand into the PRC market. Hence, Golden Resources has a unique edge over its competitors and is fully geared to make headway into the rice market in the world's most populous country.

Golden Resources will further focus on expansion in the Pearl River Delta region. To date, the Group has successfully developed a distribution network of over 200 retail outlets in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta region (including supermarkets, department stores, hotels, restaurants and groceries). The Group will endeavor to accelerate expansion of the network in the coming years.

The direct procurement network in Thailand and Vietnam established by the Group has greatly reduced the importing cost of rice as raw materials. Moreover, our 'Golden Elephant' brand in China was awarded 'QS Certificate' by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ). Product excellence as well as quality assurance has greatly enhanced the Group's competitiveness in the PRC market.

Annual rice consumption in the Pearl River Delta region alone reaches 2.7 million tonnes per annum, representing enormous growth potential for the Group. The number of supermarkets in China's major cities has been escalating in recent years, while the consumption patterns of people in this region and those in Hong Kong are becoming more similar. By capitalizing on the brand awareness of GRDI's products in China, especially in the Pearl River Delta region, the Group is optimistic that the turnover from China market will continue to increase in the years to come.