The Golden Resources Group has achieved the pre-eminent position of being the largest wholesaler and distributor within the Hong Kong rice industry. An on-going commitment to quality is reflected in the Group being the first company within the rice industry to be awarded the distinctive and distinguished "Q Mark" known as the official symbol of high quality of Hong Kong.

Since 2003, Golden Resources passed the requirements for certification of the ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 Qualification, symbolizing international recognition of the Group's stringent production procedures and exceptional product quality. The introduction of in-line vacuum treatment packaging has been extremely successful and provided consumers with freshly milled rice in hygienic packaging, extending the freshness cycle.

Through each phase of the process, the prime objective of Golden Resources is to supply the consumer with rice of the highest quality and nutritional value in response to their specific taste preference. In order to achieve these goals we have retained rice specialists to examine all kinds of rice seeds of the highest quality from different countries and to formulate quality rice products according to the preferred taste, texture and cooking requirements of the consumers. All rice products are processed using the most advanced methods of production with sophisticated modern milling and packaging systems.

In order to further improve product quality, Golden Resources had established high quality rice milling facilities in some key rice producing countries such as China and Thailand. To further enhance the quality, all imported rice on receipt into Hong Kong will undergo 10 key operations which include: 1. Procurement quality check 2. Temperature controlled storage 3. Stone and sand removal 4. Grain dust removal 5. Rice re-polishing 6. Sieving to remove unwanted broken pieces 7. Computer controlled colour sorting 8. Computer controlled glass sorting 9. Computerized blending 10. Automatic vacuum packaging before our final quality check. We have established a stringent 2-stage quality checking within our control. (1) Quality Assurance checks which ensure the on-line product quality's machinery performance, while (2) a separate independent Quality Control team is responsible for day-to-day product quality checking. Both systems have direct communications to the most senior management of the company.

It is noteworthy to recognise that Golden Elephant brand, Golden Resources No.1 brand, has been the best seller in Hong Kong for many years. The brand won numerous awards including Hong Kong Top Mark, Q-Mark, Reader's Digest "Trusted Brand" Platinum Award, Wellcome's Top 10 Favourite Brand and "Superbrands" Award. These represent a confirmation of the wider recognition and acceptance of Golden Resources products by the industry and consumers in particular.

The Golden Resources Group will continue to capitalize on its highly regarded logistics system and distribution network. They will strive to be the market leader in rice sales to the retail and institutional sectors, by offering products and services of uncompromising excellence and unparallel value to the diverse rice market worldwide.